Government User Data Request (Page 1)

Notice - Any technical data which may be released, will be subject to the following terms and conditions.

  1. The United States Government assumes no liability for direct patent infringement, contributory patent infringement, or misuse of technical data arising from the manufacture, use, or sale of the items described in the said data.
  2. The United States Government makes no representations and does not warrant the said data nor the results which may be obtained by the use thereof, and the United States Government does not warrant or represent that an end item can be manufactured therefrom.
  3. The United States Government assumes no liability for loss, damage, or injury resulting from manufacture or use of any product, article, system, or material involving reliance upon any or all data furnished in response to the request for same.
  4. Should the United States Government inadvertently deliver to the requestor any documents containing restrictive legends (prohibiting use by the requestor), then the requestor agrees to promptly return such documents without using, copying, or disclosing same to third parties.
  5. The United States Government reserves, without restrictions of any kind, the right to release said data to others.
  6. An export license must be obtained before the said data or any portion thereof, or any items made in accordance therewith, are exported.
  7. Any use of the data in the execution of any Government contract without prior permission of the Procuring Contract Officer will be at the sole risk of the requestor; in any event of such use, the United States Government will assume no responsibility for any inability and/or failure to perform in accordance with the requirements of any such contract.
  8. Requests for classified data: The requestor's security clearance will be verified by AMCOM Security prior to release of classified data.
  9. All Stablebase documents are provided in a TIF file format. AMCOM does not provide the appropriate software to view these files or to utilize them in the manufacturing process. However, a 200 dots per inch (DPI) raster image with the required viewer will be provided on the ISO.
  10. Effective Feb 03, 2021, the G-6 Information Management Division no longer processes requests for engineering and technical data from government agencies. Access to our database will be provided to you via EDIS (Engineering Data Information Server), a web based front end to our digital repository. EDIS will provide you with access to the index information, and through a concise set of steps, downloading of images for printing, viewing, routing, etc.
  11. Management of your data needs will now rest within your own hands. Please access the G-6 Mission Service Desk website for instructions on how to obtain your EDIS account, and for information on how to access EDIS and download images.
  12. Refer all questions / requests for EDIS assistance to the G-6 Mission Service Desk either by telephone at (256) 955-0196 or by email at:

  13. Upon the discretion of Management ONLY will G6 fulfill government request.