DLA / Depot User Data Request

Requests for Engineering Data from Defense Logistics Agency and Army Depot Customers

1. In support of the soldier in the field, and in an effort to keep readiness at the highest levels, we recognize the importance of providing access to engineering and technical data for all other government agencies in a most expedient manner. However, due to dwindling resources (i.e. personnel and funding) the G-6 Information Management Division realizes that we are not always able to meet that demand.

2. We recognize the importance of our information and have developed processes, along with current technology, to enable you to query our repository database, view images, and download data to your system.

3. Effective 5 July 2004, the G-6 Information Management Division no longer processes requests for engineering and technical data from other government agencies. Access to our database will be provided to you via EDIS (Engineering Data Information Server), a web based front end to our digital repository. EDIS will provide you with access to the index information, and through a concise set of steps, downloading of images for printing, viewing, routing, etc.

4. Management of your data needs will now rest within your own hands. Please access the G-6 Mission Service Desk website for instructions on how to obtain your EDIS account, and for information on how to access EDIS and download images.

5. Refer all questions / requests for EDIS assistance to the G-6 Mission Service Desk either by telephone at (256) 955-0196 or by email at: